Alkami Activate A Managed Marketing Service

Alkami Activate -
A Managed Marketing Service

Maximize digital banking engagement through go-to-market support that includes state-of-the-art customizable end-user videos, UX  benchmarking, and PR opportunities.

Maximize digital banking engagement through go-to-market support

Drive organic growth by engaging your digital users.

End-user videos

A comprehensive library of end-user videos, aligned to your FI’s brand identity, drives adoption of the latest digital banking features, such as cryptocurrency, financial wellness, and security.

Every end-user video is fully customizable to match the FI’s branding guidelines, including typefaces, colors, backgrounds, copy, logos, disclaimers, and music.

UX and campaign benchmarking

A series of benchmarking capabilities help you better understand your performance across multiple dimensions, including campaign effectiveness and user experience (UX) competitiveness.
“Share of voice, or the reach and presence of advertising and marketing, carries great importance in increasing deposits.”
– McKinsey

Joint PR Planning

Position your brand as a market leader and increase share of voice through joint PR activities with Alkami.

Marketing Roundtables

Join regional and community bank and credit union marketing leaders in roundtables and user groups where collective learnings and best practices are shared to improve your campaign performance.
“Alkami always gets us connected with other experts or customers that form a larger community focused on help and success. There’s great collaboration that exists there, which I haven’t found anywhere else.”

– Aaron Burnham, VP, Digital Strategy Credit Union of Southern California

Where our clients
are seeing success

“Alkami Activate offers us effective instructional videos aligned to our brand identity, as well as highly targeted lists to make our recommendations more relevant and helpful to our customers.”

Melissa Schenkel
VP, Director of Marketing & Communications
STAR Financial Bank

star bank insurance private advisory

“We are able to educate members about essential digital banking features that elevate their experience and drive greater product penetration.”

Corbin Wilson
Chief Marketing Officer
Smart Financial Credit Union

Smart Financial Credit Union

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